M/M and Trans

Posted: August 14, 2016 in Uncategorized
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So, I have a new boyfriend.




Joking aside, this post is for the LGBT fiction community more than it is trans people. Because…honestly, trans people tend to actually get this part better.


Newsflash: trans people date.


And no, I’m not kidding. Trans people are more likely to fucking get that, than the LGBT fiction community.




How is that possible, given…well, yeah, basically every trans person has had that ‘oh my God this makes me totally unloveable’ thing go off in the back of their heads at some point.


But somehow, it is.


Because trans people get older, put themselves out here, date, fuck, marry, and the rest of the community doesn’t react like this is in any way weird.


But for the LGBT fiction community?


Well, if trans people dating were normalised within that community, guess what. Trans characters would be all over the m/m genre like a hot rash.








They are practically non-existent. And comments like whooooa, I thought this was an m/m book! are commonly seen on the review sections for the very few that do exist.


So, again, newsflash: it is still m/m if one of the dudes is a trans dude.


You know what it needs to be m/m?


Two dudes.


You know what a transguy is?


A dude.


This is seriously one of the most depressing things about the genre. People go batshit insane if you dare imply they might not be awesomesauce allies to the rest of the queer alphabet. And then there’s a ringing silence when you go, “Right then, what was the last trans hero you wrote in an m/m book?”


The hiiiiiiiiiiiiills are aliiiiiiiiiive, with soooooooooound of siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiileeeeence.


It’s like the LGBT fiction community has failed to grasp something really kinda crucial about trans people.


We’re fucking people!


We are not a medical pathway. We are not genitals. We are not surprise vaginas, cocks made from arms, and beach ball chest implants. We are not your pet research project. We are not your trans friend to protect you from being called a shitty ally.


We. Are. People!


Which means we date! Very often, we date cis people! And trans men especially are actually pretty damn likely to be dating men.


So the m/m genre needs to get its head out of its ass and stop claiming to be an ally when it still denies transguys a place amongst their fellow cocklovers. Put us in your books. Or shut the fuck up about being pro-LGBT, because you’re not.


That is all.


For now.


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