Matthew J. Metzger is a young adult and adult romance author of LGBT fiction, and has been puttering around in the industry since 2012. By May 2016, he expects to have had nine novels published with three publishing houses. He is hoping to make ten with his first completed trans* story. His author website can found here, and his Twitter, Tsu and Facebook pages by clicking the correct pretty words.

After coming out as transgender in honour of IDAHO 2015, Matt discovered something kinda weird. Other authors in the LGBT fiction world were steering clear of trans* characters and trans* storylines for fear of getting it wrong. Conversely, trans* and non-binary and questioning people alike were asking Matt loads about his experiences.

So this blog is dedicated to Matt’s story and experiences as a transman. There will be room for wider trans* issues and developments, other people’s stories should they wish to share them, and of course any positive movement in the LGBT fiction genre towards greater exposure of trans* characters.

And by the way? All questions welcome.


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